The spirit of Motesbokarna

I am at the office of Mötesbokarna in Dalecarlia, north of Stockholm.
This call center is transformed from a very old fashioned and with a strong top down management culture Mötesbokarna logo långsmal med payoffwhen we took over some years ago.
Now it is run by a team that co-operates and are in charge without any managers.
As always I become happy spending a day in their office, since it so rewarding to watch the co-operation and feeling the good spirit.
One measurement I use to value to which degree we are flat, is by listening to lunch hour conversations.
Long ago, the talk was a lot about TV shows, the news, ways to lose weight (a lot of women work here), or just the weather.
Today it is just talk about work. No misunderstandings here: People are of course totally free to choose their subjects. It is just so fun to hear people so engaged in their work –  the dilemmas, the challenges or maybe the good results.