Brave enough to lead business without managers

Brave enough to lead business without managers

(From Mick´s leadership blog)

Leadership in corporations is traditionally thought of as the responsibility of CEOs to push managers to drive profit for shareholder satisfaction. As sustainable practices become increasingly commonplace in the private sector, employee wellbeing, change management, self-selection, and design thinking among other topics take center stage.

Karin Tenelius is a leader in creating “workspaces that work for people and bring out the best in them.” Karin Tenelius

After studying marketing and different non-hierarchical leadership styles, Tenelius founded Tuff Leadership Training to provide training in the skills needed to succeed for managers who wanted to lead in a more collaborative and involved way. Without managers in self-organizing teams, leadership evolves only on an individual level even though the team shares responsibility for the business together. Everyone has to provide leadership to have things work.
The eternal question then arises: what is leadership when it is not the manager’s job? How does leadership emerge in a group? What are the leadership skills needed?

Please read an excerpt a from Margareta Barchan’s interview with Karin Tenelius: