Creating an empowering environment – a great success!

20140812_1891Last week I had the privilege to meet and have a conversation with Jos de Blok at his office in the Netherlands.

Having worked with self-organised teams myself for many years, I am in awe of what Jos has achieved.  More than 9000 employees and still expanding!

Although I know that this way of organising also works in a larger scale, it is really satisfying seeing it myself.

The crucial factor is to create and foster an empowering environment – easy said, but hard to fulfill in reality.

According to Jos, there are so many positive results that can be created by a stable supporting, enabling culture. Such a culture is created by all people involved – when they start to relate, act and behave accordingly to shared values.

Pure logic – we all know this, but this knowledge is not of much help. Doing is difficult.

Still, thousands of co-workers chose to do this in Jos de Bloks´organisation, and succeeded.

I am amazed by the large number of people, and it is very encouraging that this has happened – and also, in just ten years.

Karin Tenelius,
CEO, Tuff Leadership Training

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