Silent migration – two perspectives

Silent migration – two perspectives

What is happening out there? That is the name of a new popular seminar from Tuff, which is about the strong winds blowing now and about the change to a less hierarchical corporate culture that any organisations face now.

A side effect, is a silent migration which happens under the radar, where competent, wise and creative employees escape certain large work places because they had enough.

Lisa Gil and Karin TeneliusThey look for more human context to become part of, where their ability to seethe whole picture and wish for sustainability are taken into account.

I have worked as a career coach for almost twenty years, the last ten, more ”on the side” of other tasks. When I observe skilful, valuable professionals suffering from disempowering leadership, I cannot help myself offeringservices and support for them to take steps. Very often it is competent women in my private network. During those decades I have watched this tendency, I myself was a refugee from the corporate world many years ago. But if it before was small trickles, it is now currents or floods of the corporates probably most valuable co-workers that escape.

The large corporates see these employees as interchangeable, and do not realise that their organisation is drained on wisdom, good ideas, entrepreneurship, commitment, competence etc.

Everything they claim that they are after. The values those engaged but frustrated bears are the attractive values the corporate says they are based on. Those left behind might be employee who can cope with the environment, and maybe has slightly more focus on their own self-interest rather  than their employers’. Since Tuff Leadership Training also is a partner to large corporates it lies in our interest to help them become work places that attract and keep this category of committed employees. keep and attract. The individual perspective and the corporate perspective, no judgement, just stating that this is happening. It might sound black and white – but many large corporate needs to watch up for the consequenses of the drainage, whereas more human oriented work places can cherish that they can attract those competent employees.  I think we are just in the beginning of this and I hope management can see consequenses of the losses and change. Without this insight nothing much will happen.

Shortly after this was written, I spoke to my British collague, Lisa Gill, who had come across a phenomenon in London called Escape the city. They support individuela who wants to break free from corporate world and do something else. Read Lisas blog here:

Karin Tenelius, CEO, Tuff Leadership Training